color effect for low and high color selection

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    • color effect for low and high color selection

      Hi guys

      I was watching a few tutorials online for grand ma2 where he had programmed a color effect with a color selection (in cues) and I have attempted to recreate the same idea info dot2.
      He had one Executor button with color cues for the low color and another Executor with colors for the high color.
      In each color cue there was a cmd like copy preset 4.1 at preset 4.17 /m for the low color and copy preset 4.1 at preset 4.18 /m. The effect then referenced the changed preset and modified the effects colors.

      I have it working ok with changing the preset correctly. But I'm stuck at having the effect take the color changes and updating the effect. So far, i'm closing to having it working.

      Any ideas how this could work or another approach to programming this?

      I have attached the show file.

    • Hi,

      now i am in front of a console ;)

      I looked at your show file and i think the mistake is , that your Cues are not empty cues witch only fire the CMD. They also loads the Presets for your lamps...

      Second i Would take /o

      /m stands for merge and /o for Overwrite so you are save not to get new color mixings ;)

      So this is the way you have to chose :

      1. Press 3 Times Clear...
      2. Store an empty Cue ( Press Store and an Executor your choice )
      3. Store more empty Cues on the same Executor ...
      4. look into the Cue list ( Eye and the Executor)
      5. Type in the CMD Field " Copy Preset 4.X AT 4.YY /o"
      6. Do the same for other colors.
      7. Do the same on an second Executor for the High Color
      8 Create an Effect an set the Low Value on YY and the Hi Value on the second copied color ...
      9. Store the Effect on an Executor ...

      10 Play the Executor with the Effect and Press your Colore Cue lists ;)

      Done ...

      I programmed it into your show file ...

      @MA Techsupport while playing with this case i noticed, that if i have the effect in the programmer and change the Color Presets the Effect does not update the colors ... but if I store the Effect on an Executer the Effect update the colors ... so is this a bug oder a feature ;)


      and Sorry for my bad English ;)
    • Hey @Jajix,

      I've discussed your issue with the development and currently it is not planned to show the changes live in the programmer. This decision was made to increase the performance. If the console would show the changes live, the programmer has to search permanently for all changes, which could be difficult.

      Hopefully this is understandable. ;)

      Technical Support
      MA Lighting Int.
    • Hey,

      I don`t understand where is the different between: the Executor is searching for changes permanently... and the programmer ist searching permanently ...
      But I am not the Programmer of the dot and don`t know dependencies in the code ;)

      I can live with this decision.
      I am happy that this function is running on executors and in the programmer i am able to live without it ;).

    • Hi Guys!

      Thanks for asking the question @blue4646 you really inspired me!

      Thanks @Jajix for the amazing solution!

      I went and programmed the 2 executors above the fader of my effect (included a cue for each of my color presets), one for each step or color of the chase.
      When I changed the color with the executor the output seized on the fixtures. The work around I can think of is to kill the playback and reset it to 100 along with each step of copying the color to replace the preset used in the chase but this wont work if you want to change the color during a blackout and during live output. So basically pick between only live editing or only dark editing?
      Am I missing something? ?( :S
      Maybe a software update to refresh playbacks one a preset is updated, I think it would be much lighter processing than for constant checking on presets by playbacks

      @Lars Kristian & @Michael I would love a Tips and Tricks video of this. Love the idea to give beginners such as myself a different way of thinking and programming future shows.Keep those awesome videos coming! :thumbsup:

      Love the software!
      MA fan for life!
    • Man I cant tell you how much this has helped me.

      This way of using a variable preset is a game changer for me.

      I've now set all my Grand Master faders to have 2 cues on them. One is the dimmer at full and Color "X" and the other is dimmer at full with Color Y.

      I use the same concept but not just for the 2 Color Effect, just for color picking in general. I divided them up into 4 stacks.

      Warm Lo Warm Hi, Cool Lo Cool Hi. I have a couple colors like magenta and Yellow that are on both the Warm and Cool stacks, this way I can be in a cool color scheme, Go through the colors until I get to one color that both Warm and Cool Stacks share, and then have the hot stack take over.

      So now my colors for my main fixtures follow this as well as any color effects.

      Thanks so much for asking this question i feel like my programing game just sky rocketed. Just one this one easy little command too :D :thumbup: :thumbsup: