Importing Fixture Profile into Library

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    • Importing Fixture Profile into Library

      So, up until now, the fixture profiles that I have added to my dot2 have been sitting on a usb stick plugged into the back of my desk. This in itself is fine, I import them into every new show that I create, which is annoying but doable.

      Problem is, my boss can't seem to figure out how to open fixture profiles on a usb when he creates a new show.

      In order to help him out I have been looking into finding a way to import fixture profiles into the library on the internal drive, not just into the show. Except there doesn't seem to be a way to do so anywhere.

      Any forums and manuals I have looked at will only show you how to get a fixture profile into a show, no further.

      Anyone have any ideas how to do this. I'm getting sick of getting calls on my day off to tell him how to do it.
    • Hey Michael,

      this is written in the help files on this page:…_SelectFixtureType/en/1.5
      It's just a small sentence which is easy to oversee....

      Here is what the manual says:

      To export fixture types to a USB stick and to the fixture library on the disk, tap at the export icon [Blocked Image:]. An information pop-up opens and tells you what fixture type was exported. The fixture type .xml file is on the USB stick in the folder dot2\library. Furthermore the fixture type can be imported via the Import Fixture Type Window.

      After a software update or a factory reset, the fixture library in the Import Fixture Type window will be reset as well. Exported fixture types will be deleted.

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