Button Wings

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    • Hey Jake,

      indeed this would be a request...and unfortunetly I must say that we can't add this to the wishlist.

      The overall limit of Wings in dot2 is four (2x F-Wing, 2x B-Wing). This includes virtual and physical wings. Adding addtional virtual wings would be a lot of work for our developers which are already busy with other wishes for dot2 and of cause with grandMA3 development. The demand for more virtual wings is at the moment not very big and therefore we would like to spend more time for other features.

      I hope you can understand our point of view....!?

      To gain additional buttons you can use the buttons from the virtual F-Wings. Per virtual wing you will get additional 16 buttons so in total 32 more buttons, which should be a good start. :)

      Technical Support
      MA Lighting Int.