Search for Working 3d Fixtures Model for ADJ Triphase

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    • It will be difficult to get a decent visualization for this type of fixture. It's a 'Moon Beam' type of instrument with some sort of revolving[continuous spin] mirror setup generating 57 beams of light with color macros...even skillful hacking will leave the visualization lacking...for any profile used. Proper 3D model would probably crush a system with a single one fixture patched...

      Good luck on something like this!

    • Here's what I came up with very quickly, only has ~33 beams. Stuffed it into a gmaMedia file and that into a ZIP file and off it goes...

      It will spin like a top as well but needs some profile sub attribute adjustment to have that visualize correctly; the model works, the .XML profile needs small assignment statement change. The subattribute to make the model spin is actually MP_SPIN_Z instead of PARABOLICMIRROR. There is no Axis Helper the name needs to change to MP_SPIN_Z. This will cause the model to spin continuously under DMX control. Saving the model to the profile causes some render oddites, I strongly suggest doing a Simple Model Change with a Right Mouse Click in the DOT2 3D Interface instead of saving the model data to the profile. Saving the model data to the profile will cause some of the beams to become disoriented because of the way they're rotated to give a visual spread to the beams.

      It could probably visualize the color macros as well[they don't visualize presently]but you'd need the RGB values[and a name list] to build a Wheel for it...lot's of hacky-skull-diggery just to get a 'Moonbeam' to visualize, mate. Good luck! Should Strobe and Dim as well.


      Oh, the beam spread is by default at 70 degrees, quite large. I left a manual control in the 3D model to adjust the beam angle to your liking. I found a single 1 degree makes the visualization somewhat realistic based upon the actual fixture. Experiment, have fun!

      The model is a 'virtual' model, there is no 'body' with material that looks like the actual fixture; just 33 beams emitting from a spinning disc. This was Quick-N-Dirty my friend, was wondering if I could get that many beams rendering in a stable fashion; I could!