Fixtures abruptly snapping to zero despite having dimmer fade in cue list

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    • Fixtures abruptly snapping to zero despite having dimmer fade in cue list

      Im not sure if this is a bug or something Im just missing. If I program a cuelist and hit STORE TIME 5 GO then my cue list will fade through and work perfectly.

      However if i just store my cues without using the TIME command in the programming then my client decides they would like some cues to run over a fade time I will just go into the cuelist (using the eye command) and allocate a fade time manually in the cue list. This effects some of my fixtures and not others. My standard dimmer fixtures recognise the newly allocated fade in the cue list and fade however my smart fixtures (Martin Rush MH6 and MH1s) still snap to the next cue or to black with no fade at all.

      What am I missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    • Hi,
      you may like quick add/edit cue fade time by using desk buttons. MA + Label (writes Assign in command line) Time (Fade) 5 (5 s) Cue X. If main, than influence main Executor cue, if folowed pressing your chosen Executor/Button, then cue of this.

      I often add cue fade times after they are stored, because I simply forget press Time X, or very often when I time my cues. But our Robe fixtures and some LED china fixtures, also dimmers...simply all ours...have never made the cue fade time ignorance for the dimmer.

      If your Rush dimmers fluently fade up/down manualy with Program time fader up, then they are not wrongly set to Snap in the personality (like gobos, for example) and should follow cue fades.


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