Dimmer/colour effects to track bpm like chasers

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    • Dimmer/colour effects to track bpm like chasers

      Hi all

      Have been loving this desk in particular the simple workflow and ease of creating great looking sets using effects.

      The bpm for dimmer/colour effects however is a bit confusing to get to be musical. Each beat is the effect running start to finish meaning if i have a soft dimmer across 4 fixtures each tap will run the full gammut all 4 fixtures moving up and down one after the other.

      If i want this to behave more like a chase (each bpm is one fixture going to full and back to 0 again) is this possible.

      Another way to explain this is the tempo is associated with all of the steps of the effect rather than each step. So as an example if you have a dimmer effect across 4 fixtures it will flash across all 4 fixtures for each beat rather than each dimmer associated with the effect per beat. This means the speed of the effect is dependant on the amount of fixtures associated with each effect.

      I hope this makes sense. Essentially I would like to use a master tap tempo and have it effect all of my effects and chasers equally rather than it be affected by how many fixtures are in each effect and have to set multipe tempo masters for each effect i program.
    • Hey @Galea,

      Effects are the dynamic transition from one value to another. It always moves between two values - and only two. So there is no real step (compared to a chaser), because the values are constantly changing.

      We can control how the fixture should get from one value to the other. Furthermore we can control the speed of one loop and whether all fixtures should do this at the same point on time or if they should be spread out over the whole looping time.

      So you can see an effect is always working like you've described it - it's a constant change.

      A chaser is somethig completly different. It is using an amount of steps which are executed one after the other, according to the speed which was selected / detected.

      To achieve what you want, you have two options:
      - only use chaser for everything that has to be synchronized to the beat

      - divide the speed of your effect by the number of fixtures who should do the effect

      I hope this helps!


      Technical Support
      MA Lighting Int.
    • Hi there,
      Lars and myself are sitting 2 meters beneath each other in the office and we discussed your issue "offline" for a while...
      So just additionally:
      We would suggest to use chasers instead of effects.
      it´s true that an effect (no matter what kind of trigger) depends on the amount of fixtures involved and
      that you get confused with timings then.
      In dot2 and gMA2 there´s no way around this depending when effects are used.
      We have seen ops using "phantom fixtures"- fixtures that do not exsist onstage, but are in the patch and in the effects,
      just to get the right timing in fx for the real lights...

      So it´s more work for you to create chasers, but the result will come closer to what you´re after.
      Maybe you´ll have to create some chasers to get the flexibility in variable selections of fixtures...
      On the other hand chasers allow you to use the learn button to adapt onto the desired speed.
      You also have the ability to make all of these chasers listen to one speed master and it´s tap trigger.

      Hope this helps a bit!?
      Cheers, Michael