Protect Executor (Fader/Button) from "Executor Time" Fader

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    • Protect Executor (Fader/Button) from "Executor Time" Fader


      I usually use some fader for Executor Time for running the show that will effect all executor pool. At some point, i don't need that and protect from "Executor Time" (on MA2 use), but i can not find how its works in Dot2. Need some advice.

    • Hi Lars,
      Thank you for the reply. I've tried with this step.
      Click "eye" and Executor, and put in the command as you mention above. Its show like this pic on the executor.
      And it still not working, The executor still react to the Executor time fader.
      Is there any step i missed?
      Thanks a lot Sir
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    • You have to type it into the command line not into the CMD column of he Executor.

      X and Y are just placeholders for the page and executor number.

      So eg. you want to change this on executor 2 of page 1 the command should be:

      [i]Assign Executor 1.2/ignoreexectime=off[/i]

      [i]Hope this helps! :)[/i]
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