Question about Showtec XS2 Dual Beam fixture

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    • Question about Showtec XS2 Dual Beam fixture

      Hi guys,

      i'm trying out to configure this fixture ok. But when adding the fixture there are missing some channels.

      Does anyone know how to solve this? There is no error but with this settings you can only manage 1 of the 2 heads. I am trying out for like 2 days now but i can't figure it out :(.

      I hope anyone can help me.[IMG:]
    • I wrote this profile for a request posted here and never received any feedback, so it is possible the .XML doesn't sync with the real fixture. I've answered the OP questions over at MA-Share. The profile works fine for me, well; I did write it...I can select and control both Head Movers on the fixtureType. This is a "sub fixture selection/multi-instance selection" issue I'm guessing....not knowing how to select the sub fixtures in a fixtureType. Or the OP is trying to reverse engineer how I constructed the profile by reading it through the console/desk. When read with an IDE or text editor, the DMX patch is correct to the manual available to the General Public.

      I've attached a small DOT2 show file demonstrating individual control over each Moving Head sub fixture. Although there is some goofiness with the selection of the entire fixture in DOT2. I don't get this behavior in MA2. Selecting the Group, "BOTH HEADS" should select the entire fixture, as it does in MA2, but seemingly not here in DOT2?? I had to select each sub fixture individually, then Store it to the BOTH HEADS grouping, then it works as expected.


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