Bug with Ipad remote

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    • Bug with Ipad remote

      Hello everyone,

      Recently I had a bug on my Ipad remote. When I swipe up/downa fader, the screen is swiping. I post a short video for demonstration.
      The bug appeared after the lastest update of the Ipad (11.3.1)

      Does anyone had this bug? Is it possible to resolve it?

      Thanks for the answers ;)

    • Hey Ewen,

      we have heard about this issue...as you already said the issue is either related to the 11.3.1 update of iOS or an update of your browser. Our development team is already working on this and we do our best to fix it asap!

      In the meantime you can download and use the Dolphin Browser version 9.24.4. As far as we know this browser is not yet affected.

      Hope this helps!

      Technical Support
      MA Lighting Int.