Strob 20Hz looks like 10Hz

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    • Strob 20Hz looks like 10Hz


      When I change the beam preset Strobe in a show from 1Hz to 20Hz, in 3D it looks like I just change from 1Hz to 5Hz.

      I can clearly see the difference in the storbe preset between 1Hz and 20Hz in my other shows, so I think I've done something wrong somewhere, maybe in 3D, but I don't know what...

      I tried with fixtures I've created with the Fixture Builder and fixtures from the librairy, same issue.
    • hi,
      I can´t say anything about your own build fixtures, but for reference, you can always try with the Clay Paky QWO from the standard libary.
      Works with strobe in 3D for shure.
      Maybe a matter of your 3D PC.
      Good to check the FPS (frames per second)- this shows you how often the screen from the 3D is rendered per second.
      You can see the FPS when you hook view/ render info.

    • F9 will toggle the Render information to the HUD,next to the 'Heart' icon. Render Drop-down is where you can adjust what and how well it is being rendered. Adjust the sliders until you get to the 'happy place' between speed and performance. Here, I've got the ShowTec OctoStrip running a 'Rainbow' COLOR EFFECT and I'm getting very good FPS, as you can see in the corner[183 FPS]. Hovering at 30FPS or lower will not render out very well as to speed of parameter/attribute when compared to the actual fixture.