Can't get a color change on exec button

    • Can't get a color change on exec button

      I'm trying to change a color effect, choosen from the programmer to a single color.
      I have some moving heads and i want them to tilt, fully lit and color red.
      So i programmed a exec button with those three parameters, and doublechecked that the red lines on the dimmer/position/color boxes were present.
      Tilt and full lit work fine, but the running color effect stay's, it doesn't change to red.
      How can i change it to red?
    • Hi Adinatha,
      maybe I do not understand the problem exact enought, but there are two things that might cause this.
      by default, programmer values have a higher priority than values coming from your playback (from executors)
      To change this, you can set the priority from each executor to "super priority" in the executor setup.

      2. maybe the effect works on the colormix of your fixtures and the new values (from your executor) only contain new values for the colorwheel?
      Please check by watching the effect values and the values coming from the executor in the fixture view in sheet style.
      Hope this helps to get to red!? ;)