Midi over USB

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    • USB Midi devices need (software) drivers. These can't installed on console :(

      the answer is: NO, it is not possible to use USB MIDI devices.

      When you have a laptop running, you could use BOMAC to transfer the MIDI USB signal using ART-NET to the console.

      I'm often do this, to provide the club DJs access to the light show (without able to delete/edit/destroy anything).
      Fog, strobe, some other executors.

      They have Laptops anyway.

      You can use the free version, this provides 14 faders/buttons in total - but Windows is needed (MAC OS is not supported).
      Bernd Ott MIDI to Art-Net Converter (BOMAC) - an easy way to get MIDI into the DOT2 - watch this video: youtu.be/EUOUYiVOB44
    • Hi Guys,

      another way could be a dot2 onPC in session with the desk.
      As onPC is a windows based software you can install any driver you want/need. Then your onPC can receive the MIDI commands. Due to the fact the onPC runs in session witht the desk it works as remote for the console! :)

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