Flash CMD

    • Hi chaps,

      Anyone know how to create a custom flash executor? I’ve basically got a master group fader and I want a button that will flash the group. Exactly like the one you can get below the fader but I would like a custom version to put elsewhere on the board.

      I’ve got as far as creating two empty cues on a blank flash executor. The first cue is triggered via the GO and is set to "Flash exec 1.16". The second cue is triggered via FOLLOW and is set to "Flash off exec 1.16". This works great if all I want is a single flash but does not work if I hold my finger down on the executor. Is there any way to set the flash off cmd to trigger when the button is released?

      Any thoughts appreciated!


    • Hallo Michael,

      ich glaube ich habe da so eine ähnliche Frage. Und zwar würde ich gerne mit einem Executor der auf Toggle eingestellt ist zwei weitere Executoren ansteuern. Dies habe ich mit dem Kommando "go exec xxx+xxx" auch getan. Nur sollen diese auch wieder ausgehen sobald ich den Toggle button wieder ausschalte. Wie lautet da ein beispielhaftes Kommando?
    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for you input. I don't quite think it's the temp command which will help solve it here unfortunately. I guess the easiest way to solve my question would be to ask this... how would I create a custom flash key (using CMDs within a cue) that performs the same way as the one which appears below the faders? So say I wanted to have that flash key but for it to be used on a button wing for example?