master fade does'nt work with preset changes

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    • master fade does'nt work with preset changes

      Hi there,
      I will try to explain what i've encountered with the dot2 on pc and color presets.
      First i made one single cue with some expolites on red color, stored it with store-look
      Then i made some 2color presets.
      I also made a master fade time on a executor fader.

      When i choose a color from the swatchbook the colors will crossfade with the time on the executor fader, in my case 1 second.
      BUT when i choose a 2color preset, then suddenly the lights go red and then fade into the preset.
      The other way around, from a preset to a color from the swatchbook, same story.
      Why is this?
      I suspect it has something to do with my cue color, but can't figure it out.
    • Thanks for the confirmation. Unfortunetaly this is the bug which is already reported. This will be the same behavior on the console...sorry!

      As a workaround you could store the effect on an executor and then it should be possible to fade into it from whatever value you are coming from.

      Best regards,
      Technical Support
      MA Lighting Int.