Speed on a fader

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    • Hi Adinatha,

      it depends on where your effect is running:
      1. if it´s running in the programmer, you can´t have the speed on a Fader/ use the learn button.
      only possibility is to use the speed encoder of the effects view.
      2. if it´s running from a Fader or Button Executor, go into the settings of that executor and change the "master speed" from
      "no Speed" to f.e. "M. Speed 1" now all effects of this executor listen to Master Speed fader 1
      Assign the Master Speed fader 1 to your playback via "Store, Speed" followed by a press on a Button below an empty Fader Executor.
      Choose Master Speed 1. When it´s assigned to a fader Executor, the "learn" Button is automaticly on one of the belonging Buttons of that Fader Executor.