Chase in white

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    • Chase in white

      I have 6 PAR led and I'm trying to do a chase which turn them on in white one after one.
      But I want this while my PAR led are already on another color (like red), so my dimmers are all at 100%.

      I've tried with an exec with the first cue with the first led in white, second cue with the second led in white, etc, but I can't see my chase over the red leds, it's like the red dimmers are over the white chase.

      I've tried with an exec in Super Priority, but it turns down the red leds.
      The first one becomes white, and then the second one, but meanwhile the first one is turned off, as I want it to be red again.

      I've also tried with a simple cue in white which should turn my leds in white over the red, but it doesn't work too...

      Can someone help me with this please ?
    • Yes I did that too, but it's look like the low value set to"off color" put my red leds off too, and I don't want this.
      I'll try again, maybe I don't set the "off color" correctly (I've just turn down all colors for the low value)

      I've read something in the Dot2 forum about off/on overwritten between the fader executors and the button executors, maybe is it something to do with this, but I didn't get the thing..
    • Some things seem to be mixed up here... so let me clear this a bit:
      off/ on overwritten:
      a button executor switches off another button executor, if the second started one contains exactly the same informations as the first started buttonexecutor.
      a button executor can not switch off a faderexecutor, even when the same informations are stored in both
      a faderexecutor switches off a buttonexecutor
      In all cases LTP rules.

      The chaser you like to build should respect colors coming from other executors, it just should do a white from one LED PAR to the others.
      You should use "release" for colors as the basis- so select all your LED PARs, bring the dimmer up and look for Mix Color A in the Presettype Color. if you open the calculator for each of your colors (R, G, B) you´ll see the "release". Store a RGB release Colorpreset.
      So now you can build your Cuelist/ Chaser with all LED PARs set to the "release" Preset and turn one after the other to white.
      This makes it necessary, that a Colorinformation comes from any otherexecutor (or the programmer) and your "white chase" will always do a white chase over it.
      You can even use this Cuelist/ Chaser on a Buttonexecutor, as the dot2 recognizeses the "release" information in this cuelist, it will not switch off other buttonexecutors that include also color informations (as it would do, following the off/on overwritten rules)

      Give it a try!
    • Thank you very much for your detailed answer, I get the on/off overwritten.

      What is the release command exactly for ?
      With the command Release it is possible to:
      • Enter release values for attributes in the programmer by a given object list. This list is filtered by the current selection.

      I don't understand the link between the explanation in the manual and your advice for use.

      I tried what you did, in the "Raw:MixColor A", set R, G, B and W to release (I need the four because if I just set the W in my chase, I'll have a mix between my red and my white, and not just white), and store this in a presetcolor.
      Then I did a white preset color and store it too.
      I select all my fixtures and set them at the release colorpreset.
      With the subselection (next/prev) I select my first PAR, set it to the white colorpreset and with dimmer full, store it in a cue, and set the release colorpreset again for all my PARs, with all dimmers at 0.
      Then I select the second PARs, and do the same things, and etc

      The chase runs alone, but I still don't have it over any other colorpreset from the programmer.

      I'm definitely missing something here but I don't know what...

      Edit : I did it once ! I've had a fader exec with one cue with dimmer and red color presets and an other fader exec with the cues of my chase (did like you said). And it works, the chase ran over the exec with dimmer and color presets !
      But when I tried this again with a fader exec with only dimmer of my PARs and a color selected from the ColorPresets, it didn't work...

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    • TVTM_Brian wrote:

      Two color chase effect should do what you're looking for.

      Low value set to "off" on all colors
      High value set to white
      I tried this, but I've got the same problem, the effect doesn't run over the color and dimmer in my programmer...

      I tried again, and new issue, it seems like the low value set to "off" on all colors also set off the colors in my programmer.
      So I don't have my effect running over the color in my programmer, it's more look like my effect running alone (like if the "off" in low value also off the value in the programmer)

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    • Okay, I did more tests and I noticed something.
      I have my dimmer on fader executor and the white chase that I did like Michael told me on an other fader executor (thanks again Michael).
      I also have a groupmaster (on select mode) on the button executor above the dimmer fader.

      I have color presets in the preset pool and a cuelist of colors in the main executor (cue 1 Red, cue 2 Blue, cue 3 Green).

      - If I select my fixtures, set my dimmer at 100 with the fader, select a color in the COLOR PRESET POOL, and run my chase, nothing happens on dot2 3D.

      - If I select my fixtures, set my dimmers at 100 with the fader, select a color in the MAIN EXEC, I can see my chase on dot2 3D.
      I also tried to move my cue list from the main exec to a button exec or a fader exec, and it still works.

      So I think my problem is solved, I just have to have a cuelist with my colors in an exec, and not set them from the color pool.
      But I still don't understand why it doesn't work with the color preset pool ?
    • Aaah,
      we slowly get there.
      Sorry for my explanation before, I didn´t know that you are mixing between programmer (red) values and playback (yellow) Values.
      the explanation I gave you before was about values from different playbacks.
      The reason why it doesn´t work is, that programmer values have a higher priority than playback values in dot2.
      means, no matter what your Buttonexecutors or faderexecutors do- the handgiven (programmer) Values have a higher priority.
      Your executor says Blue - lights do Blue- You select these lights and use color presets or the colorpicker to do Yellow and the fixtures will do Yellow,
      no matter what your playback says.
      We use this priority order, because it´s easy (well, if you know it...)

      But is has disadvantages, for example if you give fixtures values by accident.

      Therefore in software version 1.3xx, "super priority" for executors was implemented.
      If you setup your executor to super priority, it has a higher priority than the programmer- means your color preset or colorpicker values
      will not influence the values coming from the executor which has super priority.
      But this can only work, if the values from the executor contain all color informations, your fixtures are able to do- RGBW if I understood you right.
      if you have stored only R (which is possible to do so) into your executor with super prio,
      of cause your colorpicker will influence your fixtures as it gives the fixtures G and B valuws as well,
      which are not delivered and prioritised by the executor.

      So Priority order in dot2: 1. executors with super prio, 2. programmer values, 3. executors

    • That's my fault, I wasn't clear enough in my explanations (plus my difficulties in english which do not help, sorry...)
      I didn't know that, thank you very much.

      But it's look like your explanation on the Release was not for nothing, because I tried to do my chase without the release colorpreset (so I did the same thing you told me but instead of release each PARs after set it white, I just turned off all colors of the PAR) , and it didn't work as well as with the release colorpreset.
      So what is the release for ?
    • Looks like you'll need to make a "chaser"(aka, manually build the effect) to get what you're looking for.

      dot2's predefined effects are limited in that we can't select presets as high/low values. (Wish list?)

      The way I tested what you were looking for was incorrectly done, so please ignore my first post.
      CEO/Lighting Designer
      Tualatin Valley Theatre & Music, LLC
    • Hi, sorry for the re-post, but I still need help on this one please...

      I did my chase with the Release (even if I didn't really understand what the Release Function is, if someone could explain this to me, it would be great. The manual was not so clear to me) and it works.

      I have 4 PAR led, 2 faders with only dimmers (2 PAR led for each dimmer), 1 fader with a color (let's say blue) and 1 fader with my chase.

      If my dimmers and color are at 100, my chase is running above them, and visible. But if i turn off my dimmers, let my red color at 100%, then my 4 PAR are still red and my chase is running above it.
      I think this is because when I created my chase, I did th following : select my 4 PAR, Release them, subselect the first one, give it 100% white, put the dimmer at 100%, store, Release it again and let the dimmer at 100%.
      Then subselect the second one, and so on.

      So I gave an other shot with the same method BUT with putting my dimmer at 0% at the end of each PAR storing.
      This time, I can run it with my dimmers off and my color on, and the chase is running alone in white, no blue PAR.

      So my question is : Is there a way to have ONE chase which can be used in the two situations, or do I have to create two different chases, one for when I have PARs with color, and one for when I have no color ?

      And what is the Release function exactly ? Why is it so usefull for this ?
    • Hi BrandyA,
      "release" makes values grabbable for other executors.
      If you have an Executor (f.e. 1.1) that should just does a White color on your fixtures (lets say one Fixture after the other)
      while they should listen to other Executors in the meantime (when they get not told to be white from Exec 1.1),
      you have to to tell your Fixtures what to do - and that´s "release".
      So "release" makes them availible for other playbacks and they are part of the LTP game- the last value will be taken from the lights.
      this makes it possible to run Exec 1.1 "over" other playbacks on your Fixtures.
    • Okay so if I create my chase without the release, it's like a chase with the release and dimmer off at each step.
      If I have my chase and other executors running, the LTP will turn off the PARs which are not called by my chase, because they are not "release" so the other executors will not be able to use them.
      I think I get it, thanks !

      So it's not possible to have one chase for my two different situations, right ?