Advanced-or really simply Cloning or adding fixtures that expand the group for an effect

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    • Advanced-or really simply Cloning or adding fixtures that expand the group for an effect

      Hey guys,

      So i know we can clone to make new fixtures added at on side to act identically to others already in the programmer.

      BUT! Say we have a "nightrider" effect over 8 fixtures. First only fixture one is on, then only fixture 2, only fixture 3. etc, Then the effect reverses direction once it hits the 8th fixture.

      What if we get to a gig and a client wants to add in 2 more of the same fixtures. Is there a way we can add in fixtures so that the night rider effect extends to the full 10 fixtures without having to recreate all effects that use that fixture group?

      I was hoping it would be as simple as merging new fixtures to the group that an effect references and it doesn't seem to work. Im not sure if cloning is the right option for this as it seems to go 1 to 1.

      Ive seen some advanced setups where LDs have a large amount of "dummy" fixtures, say like 100 fixtures in universe 1000. They make there effects based around these and then clone the fixtures in used based around the dummy fixtures. I feel like theres got to be a better way but if not maybe someone could point me to the right direction for learning to do that.

      Thank guys!
    • Hi tobinpls,

      interesting point.
      But there are some things mixed up:
      What you decribe as a "nightrider" effect can not be an Effect, as it reverses it´s direction after every fixture had it´s light up.
      This seems to be an Executor that contains a list of Cues.
      You are right- cloning doesn´t do the job in this case.

      In fact no MA lighting control product is able to do so at the moment (to create automaticly more cues to fill up the Look with the new amount of fixtures).

      The difference between a cuestack which looks like an effect and an effect itself, is the tiny but important difference in this case,
      as the cloning works in effects!
      unfortunately, you can not have a direction change in one effect, otherwise you would be happy...

      that´s why you´ve seen this in larger shows when operators create effects with fixtures that are not physically there (but in the patch)-
      clone works in effects- not in cuelists...

      Sorry to tell you so, but I am afraid that I can not give you a more helpful answer, as to programm some more cues if you add fixtures to your show and want the look including the new patched fixtures.

      Michael "Qincy"