How avoid seeing a spinning color wheel?

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    • How avoid seeing a spinning color wheel?

      Im looking for a way to have color wheel fixtures automatically fade out, switch the color of the color wheel, and then fade back up.

      I know I could create a large cue list, but this would take a lot of work for every show, and for every cue that requires color change.

      I see things like delay dimmer, in the cue lists, Is this something that would solve that issue?

      Is there any videos on how to use the "delay dimmer, delay color" sections of each cue list?
    • We do it by using a MIB (Move In Black) or if effects are running, store a Cue in between Cue 10 and Cue 11. 10.5 for example and name it MIB (or what ever cue you are using just before the change) set that cue to a dimmer of 0 and set it to FOLLOW automatically so it goes to Cue 11 and turns the Fixture dimmer back to your desired setting.

      It takes very little programming time as we highlight all fixtures that have a color wheel make a MIB cue, then copy it to anyplace in the show that we need it. Some shows we have to use it a dozen or more times and we never had a problem. We keep one handy in an executor also.
      John Cerbus
      Lighting Director/Programmer
      Victory Church Fremont, Ohio