How to select multiples of the same instance in on more than one fixture x.1, x.2, x.3

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    • How to select multiples of the same instance in on more than one fixture x.1, x.2, x.3

      Hey there, i have a question that would save me SOOO much time, and it seems like there got to be a way.

      Say i have a Chauvet Epix, its a LED bar with 50 pixels each with just RGBW controls

      If Im using lets say 8 of them, is there a way to select all of the first pixels in each fixture.

      I know you can say like select 1.1 for fixture one pixel one. But is there a command that will let me 'dont care" about the first number in fixture selection?

      Im looking for something like

      "Fixture x.1 thru" that would select all of the ".1" instances in my fixture sheet.

    • You could try MAtricks Interleave.
      If e.g. you have 10 "Showtec Sunstrip Active" (fuxture 1- 10) with 10 pixels (subfixtures) each and want to select every first pixel on every fixture, just type

      1. fixture 1 thru 10 please
      2. mi 1.10 (mi is the abbreviation of "MAtricks Interleave" and this selects every "10th" subfixture)
      3. you can step thru the subfixtures with "next" and "previous" and if needed, store groups like Simeon suggested.
      There are already some MAtricks Interleave commands predefined as Macros, like "MAtricks 1/3" or "MAtricks 1/4", but you can also type the desired selection in the command line.

    • Is it possible to grab a 'range' of the first instances, second instances[as in 2nd Posting]...and not 'all' of them with the 'Wildcard'/*? Is there a correct syntax to grab a range of subFixtures? Or is it a 'layout'/Viewport Selection Order only for this type of grouping/selection? The "mi 1.N" solution isn't working for me...merely selects Main Module fixtures, not subFixtures. I can keystroke the 'ADD'/+ of fixtures to create a long string and that works, but that seems to defeat the 'shortcut' of "MI.".

    • If you're using the wildcard then you have to deselect the fixtures you don't want by using the minus command.
      Example: - Fixture *.1

      I would suggest to do all this once and store all the selection orders you need into some groups. This is in my opinion the most efficient way to work with this amount of sub fixtures...

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