dot2 onPC as backup.

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    • dot2 onPC as backup.

      I have a dot2 XL-F with a dot2 B-wing. We are using 1,798 channels (about 3-1/2 universes). I usually have the dot2 onPC running with one dot2 node4 [1K] when we do a show. Going over our protocols, I was wondering In case of an unlikely console failure I would Like to have the dot2 onPC take over the show, but it is limited to 1,024 channels with a dot2 node4 [1K]. We are using a sACN Network.

      I would like to see the dot2 onPC channel count increased to a total 2,048 channels by using two dot2 node4 [1K] so the dot2 onPC can be used as a backup console. With a limited budget, having two dot2 XL-F consoles is out of the question. I'm also open to other backup options.

      John Cerbus
      Lighting Director/Programmer
      Victory Church Fremont, Ohio

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    • Hey John,

      we've heard this wish many times, but for your backup scenarion it is not necessary to increase the channel count of your system.

      The onPC can take over the session from the console with all its channels in case of emergency. So if the session is not stopped (and a console was member in that session) you can use all the provided channels of the console with just one onPC.

      As you are using sACN already the onPC is a perfect backup for you. :)

      Technical Support
      MA Lighting Int.