Working whit cues in executors

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    • Working whit cues in executors

      Hey! I am trying to create one executor for every song in our tv show. I was starting programing an realized that I had fucked up. I had accidentally hit 2 extra fixtures into my cue. I can't figure it out how to update the cue without the values I had added to these two fixtures the fixtures I accidentally added a value to is 11 and 12. I put a picture down below so u can see what I am talking about. And I can't figure out how to rearrange cues in a executor? is this even possible?
    • Hi SondreAaM,
      no problem.
      The easiest way is to use the store remove function:
      select the fixtures you want to remove from your cue,
      tab the "please" button two times (all values from these two fixtures are now red and loaded into the programmer)
      now press "store" followed by a press onto an Button of the executor (if you have only one ciue on your executor)
      If there are more cues on your executor, you have to press "store" "cue x" for the cue number, followed by pressing the Button of the executor.
      the console will now ask you what it should do: merge, remove, overwrite and so on.
      Choose "remove" and the dot2 will remove all values for both fixtures out of your cue.

      Hope this was understandable? ;)