Want to create Fixtures for my devices

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    • Want to create Fixtures for my devices


      I am new on dot2 onPC and dot2 3D. In the past I worked with QLC++. But now I want to change to a "Pro System".

      First of all: I need the Fixtures for my own devices. I have bought them in the past and they work fine. From which devices my devices are "clones", so that I can re-use the "original Fixtures" and change them to mine?

      • CADA-CTL-DCM
      • Leahulight-LH-C010-Mini-Moving-Head-Wash
      • Neverland-Disco-DJ-Lighteffect
      • Varytec-Easy-Scan-XT-Mini
      • DJY-1500W Fog Machine
      I have attached all the DMX-Settings Sheets and hope some can help me to find conpatible Fixture Definitions for my dot2 on PC

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