DOT2 - video

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    • DOT2 - video

      Hello to everybody,
      I'm looking for a solution how to use DOT2 to run a video. Connect to a media server (ideally FREE).
      My idea is to run video simultaneously with the lights (CUE)
      I did not connect to MA VPU (SW app).
      Do you have any experience how to use DOT2 to start / stop video playback?
      Do you have any experience how to link DOT2 with a free or low-cost media server?
      Can anyone help me?
      Thank you for your answers, I'm very curious.
    • Hi Lumirt,

      it´s true, you cannot use dot2 to control a VPU (Software Version or VPU Hardware),
      as the VPU only listens to MAnet2 -not to Artnet or sACN.

      But you can control any other media Server, that listens to DMX, Artnet or sACN.
      We made great experience by playing Videos via the Imagecue Mediaplayer (
      But also Arkaos, Hippo and so on should work fine.