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  • Wow, just wow. It looks like I skipped a huge step in learning the fundamentals, thanks lars, that is a game changer and Im hitting myself for not learning that earlier.

  • I love using soft dim and hard dim effects, the only issue is they're either full on or full off, Is there a way to link the "High Value" of a dim effects preset to a temp/intensity fader so that I can slowly fade in the intensity of the dim effect?

  • Hey all, I have some cheap chines rgbw beams with a led halo around them, I can get the beam and basic functions to work fine but I cant get the LED halo to work at all. Would someone be willing to help make a profile or let me know what Im doing wrong here?

  • Hey guys, So i know we can clone to make new fixtures added at on side to act identically to others already in the programmer. BUT! Say we have a "nightrider" effect over 8 fixtures. First only fixture one is on, then only fixture 2, only fixture 3. etc, Then the effect reverses direction once it hits the 8th fixture. What if we get to a gig and a client wants to add in 2 more of the same fixtures. Is there a way we can add in fixtures so that the night rider effect extends to the full 10 fixtur…

  • Im looking for a way to have color wheel fixtures automatically fade out, switch the color of the color wheel, and then fade back up. I know I could create a large cue list, but this would take a lot of work for every show, and for every cue that requires color change. I see things like delay dimmer, in the cue lists, Is this something that would solve that issue? Is there any videos on how to use the "delay dimmer, delay color" sections of each cue list?

  • Hey there, i have a question that would save me SOOO much time, and it seems like there got to be a way. Say i have a Chauvet Epix, its a LED bar with 50 pixels each with just RGBW controls If Im using lets say 8 of them, is there a way to select all of the first pixels in each fixture. I know you can say like select 1.1 for fixture one pixel one. But is there a command that will let me 'dont care" about the first number in fixture selection? Im looking for something like "Fixture x.1 thru" that…

  • Hey All, Im looking to upgrade to a ma2 command wing and I was wondering if it would be possible to keep my dot2 to use it as a control surface for the ma2 command wing. Kinda like having a "fader wing" but have it be a dot2 console instead. I figure I should probably be able to do this via midi right? Is there another protocol that might work bettter?

  • I find myself spending a Lot of time going through every new executor manually going in and assigning the master speed number, 1-4, and changing the off time to around 2 seconds. Is there anyway to set a master speed, say master speed fader 1, to always be the stored speed when storing a new executor? That would save me a LOT of time. It would also be great to have a way to set default off times.

  • So When i download a fixture there, it gives me a .xmlp file. Will that work with the dot2? All my fixture types are just .xml

  • In rented my console out for an Eclipse event here in Oregon and as clean as I got it back on the outside, the faders are more than a little bit dusty and much harder to glide with ease. Does anyone have any recommendations for fixing this? Is there some type of electrically safe lubricant I might be able to apply? I've tried pulling aside the silicone and vaccuming a bit and that helped but it still no longer feels like a new console. Thanks

  • So I ran into this a while back and ignored it until I just ran into it again and its pretty frustrating, when making multi instance fixtures in fixture builder, you cannot edit the patch in the "instances" window. You can only add modules that will begin at the next available patch number I've ran into issues with this where I need to break apart a fixture profile into sections, but there's no way to copy all that information into a new module easily. Simply adding the ability to edit the patch…

  • I think I actually know what the issue is but not sure how to fix it. These Movers have a Single Seperate UV Diode built into the top of the head, it does NOT mix with the colors in the color wheel, It looks like the profile is setup to be color mixing on top of the pre existing color wheel. the profile wont allow any light to be displayed in 3d unless the UV channel is up, so the UV channel is acting like a master intensity for the color wheel. I think a multi instance fixture is needed with a …

  • Hey Michael, Any help help with this? I've got a gig this tuesday I could really use a proper profile for, Im not sure how to fix it myself. Thank you The fixture is an American DJ Focus Spot Two

  • So in ma 2 you can make what I think is called Embedded Presets, So for instance I can make a stack of only PAN adjustment Presets, and a Stack of TILT only adjustment presets, and them combine them to make looks based on the combination of those. It seems now that when I store a position preset it automatically records both a pan and Tilt value. Second Question not sure if this is related, i see this red "X!" in my presets, can anyone tell me what this is?

  • It is....the name that shouldnt be named... American DJ

  • So im using the Focus Spot 2 profile in the software, but none of the colors change with the color wheel and I cant really mess with the color wheel or make presets at all. Is anyone up to fixing this for me?

  • Ma Remote app on dot 2 core

    tobinpls - - the dot2 Forum


    I've actually had pretty bad luck with connecting to the remote app. Im thinking its a router issue. Are they any setting yall know about that need to be configured within a wifi router to make this all work. I got it working once at home, but I've tried it at multiple gigs with a cheap belkin router (the same as at home) with no success

  • Try making the fader a Temp fader, might not be the issue but it should handle velocity better than a master or flash

  • Does anyone know If I can use a regular ethernet cable or maybe a cross over cable to connect two laptops without a switch? I have 2 laptops that both have touch screens and I want to connect them together so I can use the touchscreen on both for dot2 on PC and dot2 3D. Im wont be able to test it until show day unfortunately, so any input would help.

  • Hey there, Im having trouble transfering a showfile from dot2 to ma2 onpc. I seem to remember something that We wouldnt be able to transfer until the most recent update of ma2on pc came out. Any suggestions here?