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  • Normally faders and screens should not affect each this sounds more like an issue with your console then a software bug. To solve this issue get back to us via email ( Please provide the following data in your email: - console type (core, XL-F, XL-B) - serial number - software version - a short video of the problem (please check the size of the clip before you send it / if it's too big please upload it to e.g. - where you are from Thanks and Best R…

  • Hi @astandera, this is no issue with your console, the mouse or the external screen. So all your devices are working fine! The mouse is only usable on the external screen. It is not programmed to use the mouse on the internal screens. Sorry.

  • Quote from nasula: “Thanks again, I will also send files directly to MA Techsupport. ” This is very important for us! Please make sure that you mention in your mail that we've been in contact here in the forum. Otherwise it can happen that your mail will be forwarded to our distributor! Thanks!

  • Hey everybody, to push this into the right direction I would suggest that @nasula sends us the DMX chart of the Fixture Type which he needs. We will create it an provide it to all of you! Cheers!

  • Quote from timo.knipping: “Was sagt MA dazu? ” Wir halten das für einen Bug. Die Commands Copy und Move sollten in Verbindung mit einem SpecialMaster keinerlei Namensänderung hervorrufen. Ein zusätzlicher SpecialMaster sollte auch nicht erscheinen, da dieser in der Software nicht nutzbar ist. Die Funktion Specialmaster at Specialmaster wir leider nicht unterstützt. Wir werden das so schnell wie möglich beheben! Beste Grüße, MA Tech. Support

  • Hey @woodysonata! If you are in need of a Fixture Type which doesn't exist in MA Fixture Share and you haven't been successful creating the fixture type with the MA Fixture Builder you can contact your local MA distributor via eMail. The colleques are responsible for your support and will be happy to help you! smile.png For a fast reply it is very important that you provide all nesscary informations about the fixture: - DMX Chart (valid for the firmware version of your Fixture) - Mode you want t…

  • Hey everybody, please be informed that the MA Lighting Fixture Share webpage is now online! After logging in, you can add your own fixture types or download the latest versions of fixture types which were not available at the software release moment. This ensures a fully up to date fixture library for all of you! You can find the fixture share here: If you are in need of a Fixture Type which doesn't exist in MA Fixture Share and you haven't been successful creating th…

  • Hey guys, we are really sorry, but this is a known bug in our actual software This bug is already fixed and will be solved in the next release. Best Regards!

  • Hallo Zusammen! Das Problem wird zur nächsten dot2 Version behoben sein. Bitte konvertiert das Showfile in diese Version und nehmt danach eine Änderung im Patch vor (z.B. einen Dimmer patchen). Wenn die Änderungen übernommen wurden, greift die neue Sortierung und das Layout View sollte wieder korrekt geordnet sein. Beste Grüße!

  • Fixture Type for High End Systems SolaSpot Pro 1000 39 Channel Mode

  • Fixture Type for Eurolite TMH-X5 Both Modes. Tested in v1.2.2.8

  • Guten Morgen Zusammen, in der Tat hatte sich hier ein Fehler in den Physikalischen Werten für das PAN Attribut eingeschlichen. Der korrigierte Fixture Type findet sich im Fixture Share Teil des Forums: Fixture Type Chauvet Intimidator Spot 355Z IRC Solltet ihr solch ein Problem noch mal feststellen könnt ihr den Fixture Type, wie hier beschrieben, exportieren und dann im grandMA2 onPC oder auch in Notepad++ editieren. Alternativ könnt ihr natürlich auch gerne eine Mail an den Tech. Support schic…

  • Fixture Type for Chauvet Intimidator Spot 355Z IRC --> Physical Values for PAN have been corrected. Based on User Manual Rev. 1

  • Fixture Type for a GLP YPOC 250 based on DMX Chart v1.15

  • Fixture Type for the Varytec Beam R5 / 15 Channel Mode No complete 3D functionality!