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dot2 onPC as backup.



How avoid seeing a spinning color wheel?


How to select multiples of the same instance in on more than one fixture x.1, x.2, x.3


Cue tracking



Fixture file und Liste der Shortcuts


VT Gelenau

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  • Nightscribe -

    Replied to the thread dot2 onPC as backup..

    Thank you Lars. I tried it out by turning everything on and going through the show on the console. I then shut the console off at a critical point in the show while onPC was on. It ran seamlessly. Again, thank you (Danke).
  • Nightscribe -

    Liked Lars’s post in the thread dot2 onPC as backup..

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    Hey John, we've heard this wish many times, but for your backup scenarion it is not necessary to increase the channel count of your system. The onPC can take over the session from the console with all its channels in case of emergency. So if the…
  • tobinpls -

    Posted the thread How avoid seeing a spinning color wheel?.

    Im looking for a way to have color wheel fixtures automatically fade out, switch the color of the color wheel, and then fade back up. I know I could create a large cue list, but this would take a lot of work for every show, and for every cue that…
  • Hey there, i have a question that would save me SOOO much time, and it seems like there got to be a way. Say i have a Chauvet Epix, its a LED bar with 50 pixels each with just RGBW controls If Im using lets say 8 of them, is there a way to select all…
  • Boulimie -

    Wrote a comment on Boulimie’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    Il est surprenant que MA Lighting fasse des efforts pour traduire l'aide de la Dot2 en français et qu'il n'y ait aucun Forum en français !
    Tous le monde doit-il parler anglais ou allemand pour utiliser ce forum ?
    N'y a-t-il aucun technicien français qui…
  • Lars -

    Replied to the thread Cue tracking.

    Hey Simeon, to stop an effect you need to "stomp" it. Please check this part of the manual for more detailed info:…n/1.3#toc_header_anchor_4 Hopefully this is the solution for your issue! :) Cheers, Lars
  • Simeon Seelig -

    Posted the thread Cue tracking.

    Good Day all, I have follow problem, i got a sequence with diffrent cues, normally cue 2 takes unfilled places like dimmer over from cue 1. but in this case i would like to deactivate the cue tracking. I got a special effect on the Cue 1, wich is a…
  • Lars -

    Liked VT Gelenau’s post in the thread Fixture file und Liste der Shortcuts.

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    Vielen Dank für diese beiden Hilfestellungen - das macht mir das Programmieren wesentlich einfacher Betreffend iColor habe ich mir nochmal die BA angeschaut und festgestellt, dass die einen Modus haben, wo sie quasi als 4 einzelne Dimmerkanäle…
  • VT Gelenau -

    Liked Lars’s post in the thread Fixture file und Liste der Shortcuts.

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    Moinsen, ich hab da vor einiger Zeit mal die wichtigsten zusammengeschrieben. Schau mal drüber! :) Vom iColor4 bräuchten wir mal ein Manual der Lampe, dann können wir da sicher was tun! Grüße, Lars